The Selection of The Petrified Wood Raw Materials


According to the geologists, petrified wood is basically fossilized wood having had its organic matter replaced by stone, bit by bit, when decomposing. The wood fibers are slowly changed into stone, but the wood structure is maintained. Sometimes a jasper, quartz, pyrite, agate or even opal can be found fossilized in wood.

Indonesian Petrified Wood is from ancient teak (hardwood) trees that turned to stone. The petrified wood is from trees approximately 20 million years old. Minerals present in the mud and water prior to and during the petrification process leached into the wood giving it color.

The quality of petrified wood raw materials in Indonesia is very good and abundant. Because of this, the petrified wood business in Indonesia is legal.

We have done various techniques for selecting the best petrified wood raw materials. So they can meet the standardization of the quality products. Beginning by choosing the level of durability, age hardness, color, shape and diameter.

The best quality petrified wood raw materials can be found in every forest in the entire islands of Indonesia. The most important thing is that we only choose the best of the best among them. Basically, we have found the best quality of the petrified wood raw materials in Java and Sumatra island. Therefore, we have always been providing the best quality raw materials for our beloved and valuable customers.

The next is the stock photos of the petrified wood raw materials owned by our factory.