Petrified Wood Sink

petrified wood sink
petrified wood sink
petrified wood sink

This petrified wood sink (also known as fossilized wood) was cut from a real petrified wood log, each piece is one of a kind, they are individually photographed and numbered, after purchase this image will be deleted. If you would like to purchase two sinks that are similar, look for Item #’s that end with A, B, C, etc. as these were cut from the same log.

The actual color may vary slightly depending on your computer/screen.


Diameter   : 35-50 cm
Hight          : 10-15 cm
Finishing      : top polished or full polished

Color          : Natural, black, mix
prod. Capacity = 200 pcs/month

we are sale with wholesale price, for more info please contact us