Petrified Wood Tile

petrified wood tile

petrified wood tile is our product that is suitable for use on the floor or on the wall, with dimensions you can costume, the color of your recommendation is natural color or cream color but you can also order other colors such as black or black and white, for the surface polish and there are natural ones without polish


Petrified Wood Occasional Stool

petrified wood occasional stool

petrified wood occasional stoolpetrified wood occasional stool

Range – Specification :
Height : 43-50 cm Diameter 30 -50 cm
color : mix color (light brown, white cream, gray, white and black or mixture )
prod. capacity = 100 pcs/month
finishing : top polished only or full polished



Petrified Wood Manufacture Indonesia

petrified wood manufacture
petrified wood manufacture
petrified wood manufacture

petrified wood manufacture, welcome to our website, we are a petrified wood company we are petrified wood manufacturers who produce various forms of furniture made from raw materials of petrified wood, petrified wood is a fossil of trees buried deep in the ground for millions of years ago, fwith millions of trees buried million years ago it made the tree harden and become a natural stone, but still in the shape of the tree as its original shape, other elements can change its color to generally beige or brown, the special color of this petrified wood is black and a mixture of black and white , the availability of raw material for petrified wood in Indonesia is very abundant, because it is mining and processing and making it as a furniture commodity is very legal.

Making petrified wood into furniture is very much favored by the unique market share of furniture, from that natural uniqueness we process the production and sell it to various countries, this furniture enthusiast is very much because business in this field is very promising, and you can help develop this business, we will supply directly to you at a friendly price directly from our factory, let’s join in doing business with us,

Petrified Wood Sink

petrified wood sink
petrified wood sink
petrified wood sink

This petrified wood sink (also known as fossilized wood) was cut from a real petrified wood log, each piece is one of a kind, they are individually photographed and numbered, after purchase this image will be deleted. If you would like to purchase two sinks that are similar, look for Item #’s that end with A, B, C, etc. as these were cut from the same log.

The actual color may vary slightly depending on your computer/screen.


Diameter   : 35-50 cm
Hight          : 10-15 cm
Finishing      : top polished or full polished

Color          : Natural, black, mix
prod. Capacity = 200 pcs/month

we are sale with wholesale price, for more info please contact us