CV Indo Petrified Wood, a company producing petrified wood products, sell the petrified wood products by the wholesale prices.

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petrified wood manufacture
petrified wood manufacture

long and experienced petrified wood manufacturer in Indonesia. We have been producing the unique, beautiful and elegant petrified wood products. But, on the other hand, we still maintain their natural sides. So, no wonder they have been circulating in Europe, America and Asia.

We invite you to browse our website; you will find various forms of furniture in our petrified wood products, like stools, tables, side tables, sinks and decorations, etc. Besides, we accept custom orders; we would be happy to make petrified wood products based on your wishes.

Nowadays, petrified woods have become the very beautiful and unique commodities of furniture, with a very high market demand. In addition, the furniture products made from petrified woods are very promising for the exploration of your business furniture products.

If you are interested in developing the petrified wood products, we would be happy to accept you as our business partners.

If you have questions, enquiries and special customizations, you can email us to or We would be glad to provide further information for you. Then, we hope to see you at our factory directly.


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We are a petrified wood manufacturer in Indonesia. Here are the overviews of our workplace activities at our facilities.